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The Psalms of David, in sublimity, beauty, pathos, and originality, or in one word, poetry, are superior to all the odes, hymns, and songs in our language. So states John Adams in a letter to Thomas Jefferson. Were Adams alive today, 200 years later, it is unlikely he would change a word. For The Psalms of David live on. They are both universal and eternal.

Although typically thought of as hymns of praise to God, the psalms are so much more. They are invoked to comfort and instruct; to lament and inspire; to bless, and yes, even to curse. The psalms praise, plead, instruct, reflect, recount, and chastise. In tone, they span the gamut of human emotions from ecstasy to despair, indignation to remorse, grief to relief, fear to awe, and rage to love. They talk about the rewards of righteousness, the pitfalls of evil, the grandeur of the universe, and the corruption of mankind. In metaphors and poetry unsurpassed, The psalms depict God's Might and His Benevolence; God's Judgment and His Compassion; God's Glory and His Righteousness.

They will comfort, encourage, and guide you— help you appeal to a Higher Power regardless of your situation in life. They also will instruct: how to live righteously or at least start on that road. For if one is sincere, God will listen. Indeed, if you feel unworthy to pray to God, that alone makes you worthy.

In short, the psalms address universal themes in wonderful poetic fashion; compositions that we all need at one time or another; when overwhelmed or remorseful, when grief-stricken or enraged, in times of despair or times of joy; whether in a formal prayer service, or individually, as part of our own special relationship with God.

Yet, for lack of a road map, they are tragically under-utilized; a fabulously rich gold mine, their ore has not been extracted for lack of tools. That does nothing to help the millions of people who desperately seek a means that will allow them to connect to a Higher Power. For these days, we surely need God more than ever. And He does listen!

A Guide to the Psalms of David rectifies that major shortcoming and makes the psalms accessible to the English-speaking public—of all races, religions, and creeds—who can benefit from their wisdom and guidance. Its unique index, classifying all 150 psalms within four major categories, will enable you to easily find the right psalm at the time you need it most.

Additionally, the modern English translation makes them accessible to anyone who believes or would like to believe in one God; anyone who may be suffering or directionless—to find solace, gain wisdom, and receive a new awareness.

Can anyone deny the power and majesty of The Psalms—A Book for all Reasons?


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Steve Rosner: July 2015




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