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Q. Is there any application fee or yearly charge to become a distributor?
A. None whatsoever. Of course, you will need 2-3 books as samples to show potential customers. (For example, you might need to lend a book for a week to the minister of your temple for him to determine if he will recommend it to his congregation.)

Q. Could you explain how this works?
A. You operate like a book store, except you have no physical location and do not need to keep inventory. Almost all book stores purchase books from a large distributor such as Ingram (occasionally directly from the publisher) at wholesale and resell it at retail or, somewhat below, the list price. You do the same, purchasing A Guide to the Psalms of David from us at 12.95 a book and selling it at the list price of 19.95 or less. You Decide. For example, you may want to give customers who buy in bulk (say a church or synagogue) a discount. Our desire is to distribute A Guide to the Psalms of David to as many people as possible, regardless of how much we may earn. Accordingly, after considering sales tax is included in the $12.95 price, we less than 1.50 per book, while you, if you sell it for 19.95, earn 7.00, or over 80%!!!

Q. Then how much would I earn?
A. Your earnings is the difference between what you sell the book for and 12.95. The Table below shows your earnings per book based on your sale price.

You Sell You Receive

Here are two examples:
(1) You sell the book to a friend for 19.95. You net 7.00 (19.95 - 12.95).
(2) You sell 25 books to women in the ladies auxiliary at your church or synagogue for 17.95. Each book nets 5.00 (17.95 -12.95), so your overall earnings are $125.00. (5.00 * 25)

Q. Is there any commitment to sell a minimum number of books?
A. No. You can sell as little as 5 or as many as 500. You must decide how many customers will buy from you and whether it is worth your time to become a distributor.

Q. On-line retailers like Amazon usually have a discount for new books. Why should a customer buy from me for 18.95 or 19.95?
A. Good question. First, many of your customers will not have or want to use the internet to order. Second, since most of your customers live in your community, you will deliver the book personally, so they save 3.99 or more that Amazon charges for shipping. Third, they can get the book immediately (if you keep a small inventory) or in a few days, as opposed to waiting several weeks. Finally, we can personally autograph every book you sell with the name of your customer, if you tell us in advance.

Q. Do I have to pay you before books get shipped?
A. Unless there are special circumstances, we cannot ship books until they are paid for. You would first pay us 12.95 for each book you buy and resell. However, other than keeping a small inventory of say 5 books, you should first collect the money from the customer before ordering—especially for bulk orders.

Q. If my customers such as friends and family live out of town, could you ship the book directly to them?
A. Yes. In that case you would enter the order on the internet with a special distributor code that tells us to charge you 12.95 and enter the shipping information of your customer. Of course, you will be charged the normal shipping cost which you must add to what the customer pays you.

Q. When do books get shipped?
A. Books will be shipped within 2 business days of a confirmed order. In the rare case in which we are out of stock, books will be shipped, on average, within 7 days of the order.

Q. How do books get shipped?
A. Books are shipped by the U.S. Postal Service using media rates (the cheapest), unless otherwise specified.
(1) We can ship directly to the customer (a shipping charge will apply) based upon the information you enter on our website.
(2) We can ship books to you and you can distribute them by hand. (A shipping charge will still apply.)
(3) You can pick up the books from us directly and distribute them to your customers. (No shipping charge will apply.)

Q. What is the shipping charge?
A. In general, the charge is by weight and subject to change. As of 4/1/2012 Media Rate shipping is 3.99 and Priority Mail is 6.99 for one book. Add approximately 1 dollar for each additional book up to five, and 50 cents thereafter. See the General Information page for more details on shipping charges. For large orders, check with us as special rates may apply.

Q. Does sales tax have to be collected?
A. NO. We pay the sales tax. We have found that buying something informally from a friend, people don't expect and will object to paying 'tax,' which is a hated word in America. Indeed, most people would rather pay $20.00 cash for a book, than pay $16.00 where they are charged $1.60 in tax, even though they would save $2.40. That is why sales tax is included in the $12.95 price per book, Under these circumstances, you do not have to collect sales tax from your customer.

Q. Will you provide us with any sales material?
A. We will supply you with order forms so you can easily keep track of your customers and especially, put the price you will sell it for in writing—to avoid any disputes based on faulty memories or miscommunication. We can also provide you with 2-3 different flyers that you can make copies of and hand out, or, if simple, we can make up a flyer just for you. In general, however, it is your enthusiasm for A Guide to the Psalms of David and how it could transform a life, that is the key to making sales.

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