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Q. Why should my website link to
Two major reasons. First: Your customers get a 25% discount when purchasing A Guide to the Psalms of David. As word gets around, more people will come to your site to take advantage of the discount. Second, for every book sold as a result of the link on your site, you will receive $1.50. Over the course of a month this could add up, especially if some of your customers purchase multiple copies.

Q. Could you explain how it works?
A. When you sign up, we issue you a unique "coupon" code. Your customers use it at checkout for their discount, and it also tells us the source of the referral.

Q. What if a customer simply gives the code to a friend and they use it without ever going to my website?
A. That is no problem. They would still get the discount and you would still be credited, since the original source of new purchases came from your site.

Q. Is there any contract or commitment to keep the link for a set period of time.
A. None in the least. You can keep the link active for 5 days or 5 years. If you find it does not suit your purpose, just remove it. In fact, once it is removed, if we get orders with the code we assigned you, we would still honor the discount and still credit your account.

Q. When do I get paid.
A. We will send you a check monthly, provided you have been credited with $10.00 or more. Otherwise, we will retain it as a credit until the total reaches 10.00.

Q. What do you provide me with?
A. We provide you with the link, an icon, and a short write up. You can place it anywhere on your website and edit it as you see fit.

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