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stevepic About Steve
Steve is seeker of truth. He is always looking at the bigger picture and delving deep into the core of what life means. If engaged in a conversation with Steve, you will always be challenged and perhaps enlightened by his unique and creative view of life, Scripture and spirituality. His keen intuitive sense may direct you to a new understanding that you were not aware of. If you want to know a person who is constantly probing the most difficult questions, it is Steve. Steve’s personal life has spanned a broad spectrum of experience and adventure. Steve has worked in corporate America as a systems analyst and driven a taxi, written a novel, produced his father's play, published short stories, and a lot more.

   But enough of Steve's resume, it is deeds that put him in his own category—for example, taking responsibility for his parents care so they can remain in their apartment. Steve goes out of his way to help others when he sees they are a victim of injustice. He is not afraid to get involved. His ambition is to inspire people to awaken to God’s tangibility and the wisdom of Scripture. Behind the scenes, Steve is a kind and caring person. He is a loving husband, father, and grandfather. And while some people, at first, find his direct manner a bit intimidating, his kindness is real. If you go deeper, you'll discover his intention is always for the best and his heart is soft. He has a strong sense of integrity and honesty. He will not tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you the truth. His soul abhors deceit, so he often feels distressed observing the lack of integrity in our culture.

audreypic About Audrey

Audrey is exceptionally creative, as you can see by our website. But most important, her traits of kindness, integrity, sense of responsibility, and courage, to name a few, are her best qualities. A graphic artist by vocation, designing textbooks for a major publisher, she is a terrific artist, former kayaker, and plays the fiddle. And more recently, Audrey, who has multiple sclerosis, fulfilled a life-long dream that took 28 years by completing her B.A. in Judaic Studies at Brooklyn College—with straight "A"s!!!

   Often volunteering to help others out, her attitude when she meets someone new is "What can I do for that person," as opposed to "What can he/she do for me." Audrey says Steve and she are a perfect match, but Steve laughs. He knows in his heart he has, by far, the better of the deal. By the way, for the official definition of empathy, just look in an unabridged dictionary. Don't be surprised to find Audrey's picture.





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