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"Steve Rosner has captured the universal and modern meanings of The Psalms of David in a compelling new book. The reader will find inspiration and wisdom for today’s complex world in a brilliantly expressed interpretation of the 3000 year-old text."
   Bob Turner, U. S. Representative, NY 9th Congressional District

"I am happy to say that we generally find this an extremely helpful aid, organized effectively and giving just enough annotation to illuminate without descending into pedantry. The translation is graceful and evocative. I thank you for producing it."
   W. B. Allen, Dean Emeritus, James Madison College; Emeritus Professor of Political Science, Michigan State University

"Great Book! I especially liked the use of modern English for the psalms, and the classification system you developed. This publication is a very practical guide to the Psalms of David.
    Stephen Epstein

“"Steve, your book is a wonderful contribution to the use of Scripture. I continue to enjoy it and it sits next to my chair for easy access."
    Pastor Coleman Moore

“Your rendition brought tears to my eyes. For the first time, I could feel David’s heart breaking.”
    Wayne Lacks

“Of over a dozen translations of the psalms that I have read, yours is the most compelling.”
    Elise Lantor

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! I love it! I love it!”
    Felicia Yirenkyi

"Your book took me to new heights of insight.”
    Dorothy Poku




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