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With his unique insight into Scripture, the psalms and King David, and drawing from a wealth of personal experience, Steve will enthrall your audience, not only engaging their intellect, but more importantly, rousing their heart. Evoking both laughter and tears, your audience will come away moved, inspired. and some even transformed. Not content to simply read from his book, Steve becomes King David and with his own scripts and volunteers from the audience, acts out the very scenes that inspired the writing of some of the most profound and poignant psalms—the subsequent reading filled with emotions that David himself felt when he composed them.

So whether your organization is a synagogue, library, church, men's club, VFW, social club, association, or book store; whether you need a fund raiser or simply wish to your present your membership with a unique program—for an unforgettable evening or afternoon, please contact us.

Best of all, THERE IS NO CHARGE!!! (other than for travel expenses).
(Autograph copies of A Guide To the Psalms of David will be available for sale.)

To book a date, call us at 347-304-0068 or email:

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